Our Brick & Mortar store is now open! See blog or click here for more details!



What are sustainable home goods/ products?

Think about anything you might use in your home or on your body today, this week and this month. Lotion, shampoo, laundry soap, plastic bags.... these are just a few examples of home goods or products. Now, think all of these products as plastic-free, sustainably made and packaged? That is a lot of waste free products! This is what we offer!


Why should I purchase sustainable goods/ products?

You can make a difference. If just one person stops purchasing home goods and products that contribute to our plastic waste problems, we are talking pounds of plastic waste we are saving from going into a landfill, or landscapes, and oceans. Go look through your trash.... We can almost guarantee that something in there could have been spared by using a waste free product. 


Will you deliver?

We are currently providing drop off deliveries through out Fort Collins! We have a 5 mile radius from zip code 80521, in which we will deliver products. If you are outside the 5 mile radius, we can ship your products for a small fee or arrange curbside pick up for free!


Can I re-fill my jars after I use the product?

You may, but not right now! We are currently asking all customers to save or recycle their empty product containers. We will accept your containers for re-fills when the "safer at home" order has ended. 


Can I bring my own containers?

Yes!!! (But not right now) We hope to open a brick and mortar store when the COVID-19 situation allows us. For now, we are not accepting containers from your home. We will be selling all products in re-usable and recyclable containers. You may keep them or use them for other purposes.