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Our Story

Hi, and welcome to Cedar & Sage!
This been a dream project, for over a decade. And now my dreams have become reality.  I have a passion for providing customers with clean, natural and sustainable options when shopping for every day products. There are so many great products out there our customers now have access to in a local shop! I believe in making sustainable and safe home goods and personal products available locally.
This is Cedar & Sage Mercantile. 
Thank you for stopping in!


Dedicated to reducing single-use waste to better our community and world by providing education and sustainable home products.




Create a movement of simple lifestyle changes to help every member of our community contribute to a sustainable living environment.



Sustainable household products "delivered to your door"


Our Team

We are also the Edwards House Guest Services Team! This business, Cedar & Sage Mercantile is helping keep our Edwards House Team employed during the unstable time for the tourism industry. We are a group of hospitality specialists who care about our community and what we can give back to our planet. As our community starts to re-open and adapt to a different way of life, we will too!


Our Community

Fort Collins, Colorado is a special place. We can take care of our community, starting now. If you take a moment to evaluate your purchasing habits before you shop, you can make a big difference. The amount of single-use plastic waste thrown in the landfill per day, is astounding. Currently, it is difficult to purchase any product without plastic. Our Mission is to create change and make a difference by providing our community with clean and sustainable products.


From Our Founder 

Creating a sustainable home goods business to help reduce single use-plastics and the amount of trash going to our land fills, has been a dream, until now. Everyday living "as we knew it" has quickly shifted due to the current state of the world. I took the opportunity to pivot from running a Luxury Boutique Inn, Edwards House, to Cedar & Sage Mercantile a sustainable home goods business. The Edwards House has always valued our sustainable and local products. Since 2017 the Edwards House has showcased these amazing companies that produce clean and sustainable products. By turning simple sustainable practices, into habit we are able to reduce our communities single-use plastic waste by the tons!

My staff and I are thrilled to have the opportunity to support our community shift toward a more sustainable lifestyle. We appreciate your support.