Our Brick & Mortar store is now open! See blog or click here for more details!

Welcome to our Store!

Welcome to Cedar & Sage Mercantile!

We are thrilled you have found us! We are so excited to share our stories and progress with you! 

We have launched our website and virtual store! This is just the first step to a great future of providing sustainable products to the Fort Collins area. We will start by offering delivery and curbside pick-up within Fort Collins and also provide shipping to anybody located within the great state of Colorado. 

You might ask us why, Colorado? We live in this beautiful state and in efforts to reduce CO2, plastic and other contaminants due to long distance shipping, we have decided to stay local and mostly hyper-local. This is where you will find our soul - Fort Collins. If you do live outside of Colorado, please contact us for information about product resources near you.

 With this project just getting started, we have a limited product list and inventory right now. We will be expanding our product selection by the day. If you can't find something on our website, please let us know as we'd love to find the best sustainable solution for you. We will be able to start stocking requests as they come in. We are here to support this community and you with your sustainable lifestyle choices.

Thank you for your support.